What to Expect?

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Once you have booked your session we will send an email to confirm your session.

Family Session Tips

Out fits don’t have to be matching, but coordinated outfits look great. Earth tones tend to look best. We recommend against white; dark colors especially black is sliming. White on the other had does the opposite. Please don’t make any radical changes with in 7-14 days of your session. This may include getting you hair cut or tanning products of any kind. If you choose to tan or use tanning products give your skin enough time for your tone to even out. On a similar topic don’t for get little things like nails and facial hair grooming for the guys.

Sneak Peek

Your Sneak Peek images will be available the same day as your session, but there is a catch. We must receive 10 new facebook likes for each Sneak Peek. It is up to you! After your session we will send you an email and let you know how many Sneak Peek images you have! facebook.com/explorefocus

Purchasing Session

This is the really fun part! We will help you pick what you want to purchase during this session that will happen 7-10 days after your session. Think about what you are wanting from your session we specialize in custom Albums and groupings of Wall Art including Canvases. Your order will take about 4 weeks with custom products like Albums, Cards, and Invitations may take longer.